How to Set a Default Replication Schedule for a Folder or Public Folder Store


Topic Last Modified: 2009-08-17

Follow this procedure to set the default replication schedule for your public folder store and to override the default replication schedule for specific folders.

To set a default replication schedule for a public folder store, use the Replication tab of the public folder store's Properties dialog box, as shown in the following figure.

  1. Use the following options to set the replication schedule:

    • Replication interval   Select a replication interval, or click Customize to display the Schedule dialog box, in which you can define the desired replication interval.

    • Replication interval for always (minutes)   Use this setting if you use the Always Run setting for Replication interval. This interval is the number of minutes between replication cycles.

    • Replication message size limit (KB)   Specify a size limit for the messages that Exchange Server 2003 uses to pass replication information from one server to another.

  2. To override this replication schedule for a specific folder, on the folder's Replication tab, you can use the Public folder replication interval list to set a replication interval of 2 hours or 4 hours, or you can click Customize to create a different schedule.

Replication tab for a public folder store