Configure and run the Managed Folder Assistant in Exchange 2016


Applies to: Exchange Server 2016

Topic Last Modified: 2017-05-05

Learn how to configure the Managed Folder Assistant in Exchange 2016.

The Managed Folder Assistant is an Exchange Mailbox Assistant that applies and processes the message retention settings configured in retention policies.

  • You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure or procedures. To see what permissions you need, see the "Messaging records management" entry in the Messaging policy and compliance permissions in Exchange 2016 topic.

  • You can't use the Exchange admin center (EAC) to configure the Managed Folder Assistant. You must use the Exchange Management Shell. To learn how to open the Exchange Management Shell in your on-premises Exchange organization, see Open the Exchange Management Shell.

This example configures the interval each week when the Managed Folder Assistant processes mailboxes. The command in this example configures the Managed Folder Assistant to run on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 12:30 AM to 5:30 AM.

Set-MailboxServer <identity of mailbox server> -ManagedFolderAssistantSchedule "Sunday.12:30 AM-Sunday.5:30 AM","Tuesday.12:30 AM-Tuesday.5:30 AM","Thursday.12:30 AM-Thursday.5:30 AM"

To specify the days, you can use the full name of the day, the abbreviated name of the day, or an integer from 0 through 6 (where 0 equals Sunday and 6 equals Saturday). To specify the time, you can use a 12-hour (see the previous example) or 24-hour format; for example, "22:00" or "23:45".

For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Set-MailboxServer.

To verify that you have successfully configured the Managed Folder Assistant, use the Get-MailboxServer cmdlet to check the ManagedFolderAssistantSchedule parameter.

This command retrieves all Mailbox servers in the organization and outputs the Managed Folder Assistant’s workcycle properties from each server in a table format. The Auto switch is used to automatically fit column width.

Get-MailboxServer | Format-Table Name,ManagedFolderAssistantSchedule -Auto

This example triggers the Managed Folder Assistant to immediately process Morris Cornejo's mailbox.

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -Identity

For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Start-ManagedFolderAssistant.