How to Create Virtual Directories


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-24

Use this procedure to create virtual directories.

  1. In Exchange System Manager, right-click the HTTP virtual server, click New, and then click Virtual Directory.

  2. Name the virtual directory.

    The name you use is important, because this is what the client must enter in their browser (for example, Do not use the following character sequences in the directory name because IIS blocks them:

    - Period (.)

    - Double period (..)

    - Period and forward slash (./)

    - Backslash (\)

    - Percent sign (%)

    - Ampersand (&)

  3. Right-click the virtual directory just created, and then click Properties. Specify whether the directory is for access to a mailbox or a public store. If the directory is for access to a mailbox store, the SMTP domain must be specified. If the virtual directory is for access to a public folder store, select the appropriate public folder to act as the root public folder for this virtual directory.


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