Troubleshoot Calendar Connector


Topic Last Modified: 2007-02-08

The following are typical Calendar Connector issues:

  • Unable to connect to the target Lotus Domino server   Verify that DNS name resolution is working properly. Ensure that the Common Name (CN) of the Lotus Domino server is the same as the server's hostname (Server01/Contoso and Verify that you are using Lotus Notes 6.x and that the Lotus Notes client directory is in the system search path. Make sure that the Lotus Notes client can access the Domino server. Check to make sure that the Lotus Notes client has the location set to Office. This information is displayed on the bottom right corner of the Notes client. If the location is set to any other value, click on the Location name and switch to the Office location.

  • ExCalCon is not running   You must install and run ExCalCon (Excalcon.exe) on the Lotus Domino server so that Lotus Notes users can query the free/busy information for Exchange users. By default, ExCalCon must be started manually using the LOAD EXCALCON SERVERNAME EXCHANGE.BOX command each time the Lotus Domino server starts. We recommend that you automate this by editing the Lotus Domino server's NOTES.INI file's ServerTasks= line to include EXCALCON SERVERNAME EXCHANGE.BOX where SERVERNAME is replaced with the Common Name (CN) of your Lotus Domino server. If the SERVERNAME does not match the NetBios name of the Lotus Domino server, use the NetBios Name when issuing this command.

  • The Exchange foreign domain document does not reference the Lotus Domino server running the ExCalCon task   In the foreign domain document in the Lotus Domino Directory, switch to the Calendar Information tab and list the Domino server name as well as the calendar system name in the Calendar system text box (for example,

  • Calendar Connector cannot route requests to non-adjacent Lotus Domino domains   In smaller Lotus Domino networks or in hub and spoke topologies in which all domains are adjacent to the domain that is connected to the server running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, a single Calendar Connector instance with a direct connection to one Lotus Domino server can handle all free/busy communication. The Lotus Domino server's Calendar Connector task handles this communication. Lotus Domino domains that are downstream from the domain that hosts the bridgehead server must have a foreign domain document that matches the bridgehead server domain. However, free/busy querying is not supported to Domain domains that are not directly adjacent to the domain connected to the Calendar Connector. To work around this limitation, install multiple instances of Exchange Server 2003 Calendar Connector for Lotus Notes. The Connectors should be installed in separate Adminstrative Groups.

  • Path does not contain Notes.ini filename   When you specify the path to Notes.ini in the Calendar Connector configuration, you must list the Notes.ini path and filename (for example, C:\Lotus\Domino\Notes.ini). If the filename is not included, errors will be reported in Application Log. The error references exception code c0000005.

  • If an Exchange Recipient Policy excludes the System Attendant and the System Attendant doesn't list a proxy address for NOTES, free/busy lookups fail from Exchange to Lotus Domino   When a customized Recipient Policy excludes the System Attendant, which is the default request for free/free busy requests from the Calendar Connector. The System Attendant must have a proxy address type that matches that of the NOTES proxy in order for the request to be processed. This will generate an error Event ID:6001: Unable to find requestor in Directory.