Restoring or Rebuilding a Cluster Node from Backups


Topic Last Modified: 2006-11-29

Another recovery method for replacing a failed node with a new node is restoring or rebuilding a failed node from backup. You would want to restore a node with either a Windows backup or full computer backup if you had special configuration information or dynamic or static data that you wanted to replace from backup to the node instead of having to re-create or reinstall it. It might be a lot of work to prepare a new node for the cluster depending on how your cluster nodes are set up and what applications are installed to them. Consider a strategy that involves restoring a node from backup if it seems easier and makes more sense than creating a new node from scratch. The procedures for restoring or rebuilding a node are the same as the procedures for restoring or rebuilding a stand-alone server. Additionally, to restore or rebuild a failed node, you must have the required backup sets.


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