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Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-26

Use the Enable Unified Messaging Wizard to enable an existing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 user's mailbox for Unified Messaging. After you successfully enable the user's mailbox for Unified Messaging, Unified Messaging servers that are associated with the UM dial plan that the user is associated with will accept incoming calls for the extension number that is configured for the user.

After a mailbox-enabled recipient is enabled for Unified Messaging, you should perform the following tasks:

To enable a user for Unified Messaging by using the Enable Unified Messaging wizard, on the Introduction page, complete the following information:

Unified Messaging Mailbox Policy
  • Use this text field to select the Unified Messaging mailbox policy that you want to associate with a user's mailbox.

  • UM mailbox policies define settings such as PIN policies, dialing restrictions, and message text for Unified Messaging messages that are sent to the user. Each UM-enabled user is required to be associated with at least one UM mailbox policy. However, the UM-enabled user can be associated with only one UM mailbox policy.

  • You must create the UM mailbox policy before you enable Unified Messaging for a user's mailbox.

Automatically generate PIN to access Outlook Voice Access
  • Click this button to automatically generate a PIN for the UM-enabled user. This is the default setting.

  • If this option is selected, a PIN is automatically generated based on the PIN policies that are configured on the UM mailbox policy that is associated with the recipient.

  • We recommended that you use this setting to help protect the user's PIN.

  • The first time that the user logs on to their mailbox by using Outlook Voice Access, they will be prompted to change their PIN.

Manually specify PIN
  • Click this button to manually specify a PIN that a recipient will use to access the Unified Messaging system.

  • The PIN must comply with the PIN policy settings that are configured on the UM mailbox policy that is associated with this recipient. For example, if the UM mailbox policy is configured to accept only PINs that contain seven or more digits, the PIN you enter in this text box must be at least seven digits long.

Require user to reset PIN on first telephone logon
  • Use this check box to force the user to reset their Unified Messaging PIN when they access the Unified Messaging system from a telephone.

  • It is a security best practice to force a UM-enabled user to change their PIN at their first logon to help protect against unauthorized access to their data and Inbox. This is the default setting.

After you complete the fields and settings on the Introduction page of the Enable Unified Messaging wizard, click Next to configure an extension number on the user's mailbox.

For more information about how to manage UM-enabled users, see Managing Unified Messaging Users.

For more information about UM-enabled users, see Understanding Unified Messaging Users.