How to Set the NTDS Port on a Global Catalog Server Acting as an Exchange Server 2003 Back-End Server


Topic Last Modified: 2006-04-27

This topic explains how to set the Microsoft® Windows NT® Directory Services (NTDS) port on a global catalog server that acts as a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 back-end server. You must modify the registry setting for NTDS on global catalog servers that also act as Exchange back-end mailbox servers and are contacted by clients using RPC over HTTP.

Before you perform the procedure in this topic:

  1. On the RPC proxy server, start Registry Editor (Regedit).

  2. In the console tree, locate the following registry key:


  3. Click Edit, click New, and then select Multi String Value.

  4. Create a multi-string value with the name NSPI interface protocol sequences.

  5. Right-click the NSPI interface protocol sequences multi-string value, and then click Modify.

  6. In the Value data field, enter ncacn_http:6004.

  7. In Registry Editor, click File, and then click Exit to save your settings.

  8. You must now restart your server for the settings to be applied.