Develop a Transition Plan


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

The process of moving from a Lotus Notes directory and messaging system to Active Directory® directory service and Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 can be considered as three distinct phases:

  • Planning and Preparation

  • Coexistence

  • Migration

The first phase, Planning and Preparation, involves collecting information about the current mail environment, education about Microsoft and third party integration and migration tools and their capabilities and planning for Active Directory® and Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003. A plan and timeframes are defined and the plan should be tested in a lab environment that simulates the production environment as closely as possible.

Coexistence, the second phase, is the period when some users have been migrated to the Microsoft platform, which other users are still using Lotus Notes. These two environments use the coexistence tools to synchronize directory information, perform free/busy lookups and route mail between the Lotus Domino and Exchange servers.

The Migration phase is when users are moved from the Lotus Domino messaging platform to Exchange Server 2003. Typically, coexistence continues during this phase because as a rule users are migrated in batches and require the ability to route mail and check free/busy information. After all users have been migrated to Exchange, the coexistence and migration phases are complete.

This section outlines and details the steps involved in planning and preparing to migrate from Lotus Notes to Active Directory and Exchange Server 2003.

When planning and deploying Active Directory and Exchange Server 2003, see the following documents:

The planning phase is comprised of assessing and documenting the current environment and preparing a mail migration strategy.

  • Assess and Document involves reviewing and documenting the current environment as a means of planning for the future environment. This process collects information that is required to install and configure the coexistence and migration tools. This process also includes determining if the current network design, topology and bandwidth are adequate for the new messaging environment, where to place the Exchange servers and which Exchange and Domino servers will be connected for directory synchronization and mail routing during a coexistence period.

  • Mail Migration Strategy is used to define a methodology and schedule for migrating users and mail databases from Lotus Domino to Exchange Server 2003.