Troubleshooting ExMerge Issues


Topic Last Modified: 2006-12-04

This section discusses some of the most common ExMerge errors that you might encounter when you use ExMerge with a recovery storage group. The Microsoft Knowledge Base article 824126, "How to use Recovery Storage Groups in Exchange Server 2003," contains information about this specific subject. For information about other ExMerge issues, see Search the Support Knowledge Base (KB). Provide the keywords Exchange Server 2003 and ExMerge.

One of the most frequently seen errors in the ExMerge log file is:

Error opening message store (EMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. - 0x8004011d

There are several potential causes of this error, including:

  • Insufficient permissions on a database or mailbox to extract or insert data. Your logon account should be granted full permissions on the database, as described in Setting Permissions for Merging Data.

  • The destination database for the second step of an ExMerge operation is currently not mounted.

  • The mailbox selected for data extraction in the recovery storage group has been moved from the original database.

  • The same database has been configured in separate recovery storage groups on multiple servers.

  • The database that contains the System Attendant mailbox is disconnected. Typically, this is the first mailbox database configured on a server. It must be mounted in addition to the database(s) from which you are extracting data.

The Error Getting List of Private Information Store databases on Server 'Servername' message frequently occurs because you lack sufficient Exchange administrative permissions to view the list of databases on an Exchange server. The first step in troubleshooting this problem is to determine whether you can view the server and databases using Exchange System Manager. You should have Exchange administrator rights for the administrative group that contains the recovery storage group server and local administrator rights on the recovery storage group server.

The An Error Was Encountered When Retrieving the List of Mailboxes Homed in the Selected Databases message can occur when the database is not mounted. Remember that databases in the recovery storage group do not automatically mount when the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is started. You must mount them manually after the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service startup has completed.

If no mailboxes are displayed for the recovery storage group database, try other databases on the server. If ExMerge cannot display any mailboxes for any databases on the server, the problem is not specific to the recovery storage group.

You will also see this error if any of the mailboxes in the recovery storage group database have been deleted or purged from their original locations. In this case, ExMerge displays the other mailboxes in the recovery storage group that have not been deleted. For recommendations about how to recover data from a purged or deleted mailbox, see Recovering Deleted Items or Purged Mailboxes Using a Recovery Storage Group in Exchange Server 2003.

If you move a mailbox to a different database, ExMerge does not delete it, and still displays the mailbox in the recovery storage group. However, you will be unable to export data from it until you move the mailbox back to the original database. For information about how to overcome this situation, see How Recovery Storage Groups Work in Exchange Server 2003.

The Store 'MSPST MS' was not opened or Store 'MSEMS' was not opened errors might be seen in the ExMerge log file (ExMerge.log) after merging data from the recovery storage group has failed. These errors typically indicate a language localization mismatch problem. The errors can usually be resolved by entering the correct localized names for the MAPI services on which ExMerge depends.

For detailed instructions, see How to Discover and Configure the Correct Names for MAPI Services.