How to Migrate Users and Mailboxes from Novell GroupWise to Exchange


Topic Last Modified: 2006-05-05

This topic discusses how to migrate users and mailboxes from Novell GroupWise to Exchange.

To successfully complete the procedure in this topic, ensure that the server on which you run the Exchange Migration Wizard meets the following requirements:

  • The server is running Exchange Server 2003.

  • If you have configured Connector for Novell GroupWise and directory synchronization, stop the Connector for Novell GroupWise service. This is necessary to prevent directory synchronization from propagating address list changes before you verify that the migration is successful.

  • You have installed and configured the Novell GroupWise client software. It is recommended that you install Novell GroupWise 5.2.5 on the migration server.

  • You have network connectivity to the Novell NetWare server running Novell GroupWise. It is recommended that you install Novell NetWare 4.8 on the migration server.

  • You have administrative permissions in Exchange 2003, Novell NetWare, and Novell GroupWise.

  1. On the server running Exchange 2003 with Connector for Novell GroupWise, stop the Connector for Novell GroupWise service.

    1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Services.

    2. In the details pane, right-click Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise, and then click Stop.

  2. Start the Exchange Migration Wizard: Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, point to Deployment, and then click Migration Wizard.

    It is assumed that you are using the Exchange server that you configured as described in the procedures earlier in this appendix. If so, this Exchange server is already configured to access Novell GroupWise. It is running the Novell GroupWise client and has network access to the Novell NetWare server running Novell GroupWise.
  3. On the Exchange Server Migration Wizard Welcome page, click Next.

  4. On the Migration page, click Migrate from Novell GroupWise 5.x, and then click Next.

    Specifying the migration type

  5. On the Novell GroupWise 5.x Migration page, click Next.

  6. On the Migration Procedure page:

    1. Under Select the migration method, click One step migration (recommended).

    2. In the Path to migration files box, type the path to which the migration files are to be temporarily copied. Ensure that the hard disk drive has sufficient space to copy the mailboxes for all of the users you plan to migrate. You must specify a valid folder path. Click Next.

    Selecting the migration procedure

  7. On the Migration Destination page, click Migrate to a computer running Exchange Server. The Server list should now show the name of the Exchange 2003 server. In the Information store list, select the information store (now known as the Exchange store) to which to migrate the Novell GroupWise data, and then click Next.

    Selecting the migration destination

  8. On the GroupWise Domain page:

    1. In the Path box, type the UNC path to the Novell GroupWise domain on the Novell NetWare server. Typically, this is \NWSERVER01\SYS\Mail\GWDom, where NWSERVER01 is the Novell NetWare server on which Novell GroupWise is installed.

    2. In the Account Name box, type the name of the account that the Exchange Migration Wizard uses to access the Novell NetWare server that runs Novell GroupWise. The account you specify must have access to each user's Novell GroupWise mailbox. It is recommended that you use the account that is already used by Connector for Novell GroupWise or a Novell NetWare admin account.

    3. In the Password box, type a Novell GroupWise password (if there is one) for the account used by Connector for Novell GroupWise. Click Next.

      You must specify a password only if the migration account has a GroupWise password. This is not the same password as the password for Novell NDS. To verify whether a GroupWise password must be specified, start the Novell GroupWise client for this account, and determine whether this user is being prompted for a password.

    Specifying Novell GroupWise domain information

  9. On the GroupWise Postoffice page, click the name of the Novell GroupWise post office from which you to migrate users. For example, if your post office is named CONTOSO_PO, click this entry, and then click Next.

    Selecting the Novell GroupWise post office from which to migrate users

  10. It is recommended that you accept the defaults on the Migration Information page. To do so, click Next. If you do not want to accept the defaults, you can change the following options:

    1. The Information to create mailboxes check box. When selected, this creates a new mailbox for users whom you migrated from Novell GroupWise to Exchange.

    2. The Mail and Phone Messages check boxes in the Message Types section. When these check boxes are selected, the user's mail and phone messages that are stored on the Novell GroupWise post office are migrated to Exchange. You can click either All to migrate all of the user's data, or Dated from to specify a date range of messages to migrate.

    3. The Appointments, Notes, and Tasks check boxes in the Calendar Items section. When these check boxes are selected, the user's calendar information is migrated to Exchange. You can select either All to migrate all of the user's calendar information, or Dated from to specify a date range of calendar information to migrate.

      Any meeting requests in users' inboxes that have not been accepted are migrated as text messages. Users must add these meetings to their calendars manually. Before you complete the migration, ensure that users accept any outstanding meeting requests.

    Specifying the migration information

  11. On the Account Migration page, select the Novell GroupWise users whom you want to migrate to Exchange 2003. The user ID that the Exchange Migration Wizard uses must have full proxy access to the mailbox of each user that you select. You can click Select All to select all users, or hold down the CTRL key and select users individually. Click Next.

    Selecting users to migrate to Exchange 2003

  12. On the Container for New Windows Accounts page, click the Active Directory container or organizational unit to which users will be migrated. The Exchange Migration Wizard creates a new Active Directory account for each user in the specified container. Click Options.

    Selecting the container to which to migrate accounts

  13. On the Account Options page, click Generate random password. By default, the User must change password at next logon check box is selected. This generates a random strong password for each user, which is stored in the Accounts.Password file in the \Program Files\Exchsrvr\Bin directory on the Exchange 2003 server. Alternatively, you can select other advanced options on this page, such as whether to create disabled user accounts that point to actual accounts in a different domain. For the purposes of this procedure, it is assumed that you are not selecting these advanced options. Click OK, and then click Next.

    Setting the account password options for the new user accounts

  14. On the Windows Account Creation and Association page, you see a list of all the user accounts that will be created. In some instances, these are new accounts, but they might also be updates to existing accounts. For example, when you configured interoperability with Novell GroupWise, you might have decided to create disabled Windows accounts for each Novell GroupWise user. These disabled accounts appear for each corresponding user migrating from Novell GroupWise. Novell GroupWise users are matched with Exchange accounts based on their e-mail addresses.

    Verify that the accounts are matched correctly. If they are not, you can find the correct account using the Find Existing Account option. You can also choose to create a new account, using the Create New Account option, if the Exchange Migration Wizard matched an account incorrectly. After you finalize the account list, click Next.

    Matching Novell GroupWise accounts to new or existing Windows accounts

    This figure shows an example of Novell GroupWise users with disabled Windows accounts resulting from Exchange 2003 and Novell GroupWise directory synchronization. When these users are migrated, the accounts are matched to the users' e-mail addresses, and then the users' Novell GroupWise messaging data is imported to the users' mailboxes. You must enable the user accounts in Active Directory Users and Computers after migration, so that your users can log on to the Windows domain.
  15. The Exchange Migration Wizard extracts the data from the server running Novell GroupWise and then imports it into Exchange and Active Directory. Migration can take some time, depending on the number of users and messages that are migrated, the speed of the server, network latency, and other factors. On the Migration Process page, verify that the migration process proceeds normally, and when the process completes, click Finish.

    Finishing the Novell GroupWise migration

  16. In the Exchange Server Migration Wizard message box informing you that the migration is complete, click OK.


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