Unregistering Deleted Resource Mailboxes from Auto Accept Agent


Topic Last Modified: 2006-07-05

This section discusses an Exchange OLE DB Provider (EXOLEDB) error logged by Auto Accept Agent.

When a resource mailbox is deleted but not correctly unregistered with Auto Accept Agent, Auto Accept Agent logs an error in the Application event log. The error is triggered by the EXOLEDB as Event id 103 in the Application event log. For a general description about the EXOLEDB Event id 103, see the Events and Errors Message Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=66142.

This error occurs when a resource mailbox is deleted before unregistering the mailbox with Auto Accept Agent. When mailboxes that have Auto Accept Agent event sinks registered are deleted, orphan entries for those mailboxes remain in the System Mailbox. These entries must be removed manually. The error indicates that though deleted, the resource mailbox is still registered in the store events folder.

The error occurs infrequently and will not affect the regular functioning of Auto Accept Agent or the Exchange store.

To resolve the EXOLEDB error, you must log on the System Mailbox, find the orphaned entry or GUID for the deleted resource mailbox, and manually delete the GUID. To locate the orphaned entry for the deleted resource mailbox in the System Mailbox folder, use the MAPI Editor tool. The user interface for this tool can display all the folders and the subfolders that are in any message store.

Download the MAPI Editor from the Tools for Exchange Server 2003 page at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=55032.