How to View Another User's Folder in Outlook If You Have Send on Behalf of Access


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-09

If you have been granted appropriate permissions, you can use Outlook to view other user's folders and send messages on their behalf. To view another user's folder in Outlook, or to send messages on another user's behalf, perform the following procedure.

Be aware that while the user is accessing the folder, the user can only access folders for which the mailbox owner has granted them permission.

  1. Log on to your own mailbox, and then in Outlook, use the Open Other User's Folder command on the File menu to select both the user whose folder you want to open and the name of the folder itself.

  2. To send a message on behalf of another users, log on to your own mailbox and create a new message. Manually add the name of the mailbox owner that you want to send on behalf of to the From field of a message. Message recipients will see that the message is sent from you on behalf of the other user.