Specifying an Offline Address Book for a Mailbox Store


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-06

If you create multiple offline address books, you can configure each mailbox store to use a specific offline address book. If configured, all the mailboxes in that store will use the specified offline address book, and all users on that mailbox store will be able to select from the address lists used to generate that offline address book.

Configuring different mailbox stores to use different offline address books is a useful technique in hosted or multiple language environments where users must be restricted from viewing certain address lists. If you have users who require differing code pages or sort orders, you can place those users in different mailbox stores and associate each store with an appropriate offline address book that was generated on a server with the appropriate locale information.

For detailed steps about how to configure a mailbox store to use a specific offline address book, see How to Configure a Mailbox Store to Use a Specific Offline Address Book.