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Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-22

Use the New Accepted Domain wizard to create an accepted domain and determine how Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 handles the e-mail received for the accepted domain.

Accepted domains are any SMTP namespace for which an Exchange organization sends and receives e-mail. Accepted domains include those domains for which the Exchange organization is authoritative. This means that the Exchange organization handles mail delivery for recipients in that domain. Accepted domains also include domains for which the Exchange organization receives mail and then relays to an e-mail server that is external to the Exchange organization for delivery to the recipient.


To identify the accepted domain, type a unique name in the Name field. We recommend that you select a meaningful name to help you easily identify the purpose of this accepted domain. For example, you may want to use a name that easily identifies this as a subsidiary domain or as a hosted domain. You must use a unique name for each accepted domain.

Accepted Domain

To identify the SMTP namespace for which the Exchange organization accepts mail, type the accepted domain name. For example, type to set as the accepted domain.

Authoritative Domain

To specify that e-mail messages are delivered to a recipient that has a domain account in your Exchange organization, select this option.

Internal Relay Domain

To relay messages to a server that is outside your Exchange organization but still under the authority of your company or IT department, select the Internal Relay Domain option.

External Relay Domain

To treat messages of the domain identified in the Accepted Domain field as internal messages, select the External Relay Domain option.


Click New to create the new accepted domain.

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