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Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

Lotus Notes templates (filename.ntf) are frequently used as a starting point for creating new applications. Several templates are included with Lotus Domino and developers also create their own templates. It's common for an organization to have several custom templates that are used to create the same type of application multiple times.

For example, an organization may have one application for each of their customers. This application may store contact information, copies of correspondence, and sales information related to that customer. If the organization has 1,000 customers, there will be 1,000 different versions of this application, each with different information.

Every time that a new customer is set up, an application is created from the customer.ntf template. The design of these customer applications is identical. They share the same forms, views, and fields, but the data stored in each application is unique.

When analyzing the Domino applications, it is helpful to know that there are 1,000 unique customer applications that are all based on the customer.ntf template. The analysis and recommendation process only needs to be performed one time and then reused 1,000 times. When a target is identified, each application can be migrated using the same method. This approach saves an enormous amount of time and simplifies the analysis of the Lotus Domino applications. Application Analyzer's Template Report starts this process by listing applications that share a common template.

The Template Report groups together applications that are based on a common template. It lists the template name listed in the Design Template field that's a part of each Lotus Domino application. This report only displays applications that have a value listed in the Design Template field. Figure 1 provides an example of a Template Report.

Figure 1   Example of a Template Report

Template Report