Granting a User Access to a Specific Folder


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-06

Granting a user access to a folder is the simplest form of delegating minimal access. When granted such access, users log on to their own mailbox, and then in Outlook, use the Open Other User's Folder command on the File menu to select both the user whose folder they want to open and the name of the folder itself. The user does not need an Outlook profile for the other mailbox. While accessing the folder, the user can only perform actions allowed by the mailbox owner. The following figure demonstrates this approach.

Users can only access default Outlook folders in this manner. These folders include the Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Journal, and Tasks folders.

User A accesses a folder in User B's mailbox without having to log on to User B's mailbox


This type of access is granted by Outlook users instead of by administrators. For example, in the case shown in the figure, User B uses Outlook to grant User A access to User B's Calendar folder.

For detailed steps about how to grant a user access to a folder in another user's mailbox, see How to Grant a User Access to a Folder in Another User's Mailbox.