How to View the Offline Address Book System Folders in Exchange System Manager


Topic Last Modified: 2005-10-11

System folders can be displayed in Exchange System Manager, enabling an administrator to view the files that make up the offline address book.

  1. Open Exchange System Manager.

  2. Under the Organization object, expand Folders. If you do not see Folders under the Organization object, it indicates that Administrative Groups are being displayed in Exchange System Manager. In that event, expand Administrative Groups, expand an Administrative Group, and then expand Folders.

  3. Right-click Public Folders, and select View System Folders.

  4. Expand Public Folders, and then expand OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK.

  5. Select and expand the applicable offline address book folder. For example, the default offline address book folder will have the name of /o=<ExchangeOrgName>/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List.

  6. Select the applicable offline address book version folder, and click the Content tab.

For information about the offline address books that are created by default, see "Offline Address Book Generation" in Offline Address Book Technical Overview.