How to Enable or Disable Outlook Mobile Access at the Organizational Level


Topic Last Modified: 2005-06-02

By default, Outlook Mobile Access is disabled when you install Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003. For users to use Outlook Mobile Access, you must first enable it. You enable Outlook Mobile Access at the organizational level using Exchange System Manager.

  1. On the Exchange server where the user's mailbox is located, log on as an Exchange administrator and start Exchange System Manager.

  2. Expand Global Settings, right-click Mobile Services, and then click Properties.

  3. On the Mobile Services properties page, in Outlook Mobile Access, select Enable Outlook Mobile Access.

  4. To enable users to use unsupported devices, select the Enable unsupported devices check box.

    For more information about supported devices for Exchange and planning for mobile device support with Exchange, see the section "Mobile Device Support for Exchange Server 2003" in Planning an Exchange Server 2003 Messaging System.
  5. Click OK.

For detailed steps for configuring Outlook Mobile Access for a specific user or group of users, see How to Enable or Disable Outlook Mobile Access at the User Level.

For an overview of how to deploy Outlook Mobile Access in your organization, see "Configuring Outlook Mobile Access" in the Exchange Server 2003 Client Access Guide.


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