RunSavedImportExport Macro Action

Office 2007

You can use the RunSavedImportExport action to run a saved import or export specification that you created by using the Import Wizard or the Export Wizard.

 Note   This action will not be allowed if the database is not trusted. For more information about enabling macros, see the links in the See Also section of this article.


The RunSavedImportExport action has the following argument.

Action argument Description
Saved Import Export Name Select the name of a saved import or export specification from the drop-down list.


  • This macro action has the same effect as performing the following procedure in Access:

    1. On the External Data tab, click either Saved Imports or Saved Exports.
    2. In the Manage Data Tasks dialog box, on the Saved Imports or Saved Exports tab (depending on your choice in the preceding step), click the specification that you want to run.
    3. Click Run.
  • Before running the RunSavedImportExport action, make sure that the source and destination files exist, the source data is ready for importing, and that the operation will not accidentally overwrite any data in your destination file.
  • Find links to more information about saving and running import and export specifications in the See Also section.
  • If the saved import or export specification you choose for the Saved Import Export Name argument is deleted after the macro is created, Access displays the following error message when the macro is run:

    The specification with the specified index does not exist. Specify a different index. 'specification name'.

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