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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

AdtAdmin.exe /DelGroup

Updated: May 22, 2009

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2, Operations Manager 2007 SP1

The /DelGroup parameter deletes a group from an ACS collector by using its name or group identification number. When a group is deleted, the forwarders that belong to the group are not deleted. Any forwarders assigned to a group when it is deleted are added to or still belong to the default top-level groups.

No output is generated from this command. You can use the /ListGroups parameter to verify that the group was created and also to determine a group’s assigned identification number.


AdtAdmin.exe /DelGroup [/Collector:<CollectorName>] {[/Group:<GroupName>] | [/GroupID:<IdentificationNumber>]}


Subparameter Description


Specifies the ACS collector on which the group was created. If this subparameter is omitted, the local ACS collector is assumed.


Specifies an ACS group to delete by the group’s name.


Specifies an ACS group to delete by the group’s identification number. An identification number is assigned to a group when it is first created.


Use the following example to delete an ACS group that has the name "Accounting Computers":

adtadmin /delgroup /group:"Accounting Computers"

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