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March 2007 Documentation Update Notes


Topic Last Modified: 2007-02-28

The following topics are new:

  • Exchange Server Analyzer articles

    • 2007 Time Zone Update for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Needs to be Installed

    • A service terminated unexpectedly in the last 24 hours

    • Active Directory server software update available

    • Error while upgrading ACLs

    • Exchange 2007 pre-release version is installed

    • Kernel memory depletion

    • Long-running MAPI 'TaskQ' operation

    • Microsoft Antigen Data Execution Prevention compatibility

    • No Client Access server role found

    • No Master Account SID

    • Sub-optimal Memory Settings

    • Virtual memory is fragmented

The following topics have been updated for this release:

  • Administration Guide for Exchange Server 2003

    • How to Install the Exchange System Management Tools

    • How to Install the SMTP Service

    • How to Install the Windows Administrative Tools Pack

    • How to Set Up a Management Station Using Windows XP Professional SP1 or Later

    • Installing the Exchange System Management Tools

    • Setting Up a Management Station Using Windows XP Professional SP1 or Later

    • Working with Exchange System Manager

  • Exchange 2003 Disaster Recovery Operations Guide

    • Member Server Recovery Methods

    • Restoring Exchange Databases to Another Server

    • Running the Windows Chkdsk Utility

  • Exchange 2003 High Availability Guide

    • Monitoring Features and Tools

  • Best Practices for Exchange Server Public Folders

    • Exchange Public Folder Troubleshooting Resources

  • Working with Store Permissions in Exchange 2000 and 2003

    • Accessing Exchange Objects

  • Exchange Server 2003 Server Consolidation

    • How to Move Exchange Server 2003 to New Hardware and Keep the Same Server Name

    • Moving Exchange Server 2003 to New Hardware

  • Getting Started with Exchange Server 2007: Server Roles

  • Exchange Server Analyzer articles

    • Cannot Find 'Host' or 'MX' Records

    • ESE 455 -1811 (0xfffff8ed): Missing Current (Exx.log) Transaction Log File

    • Exchange transaction logs are being written to a non-NTFS partition

    • Exchange transaction logs are written to an encrypted folder

    • Invalid version attribute on the Exchange organization object

    • Maximum incoming message size is set too high (>30MB)

    • MaxOpenMessagesPerLogon has been set

    • Metabase cannot be accessed

    • Microsoft .NET Framework Update Required

    • MSExchangeIS 5000 (0x80004005): Cannot Mount Database Because of Incorrect Service Account or Missing SeSecurityPrivilege Permissions or Incorrect Group Membership

    • MSExchangeIS 5000 (0x8004010f): Cannot Mount Database Because of Incorrect Permissions or Invalid Characters in the Organization Name

    • MSExchangeIS 5000 (0x80040154): Missing or Corrupted SMTP Service Extensions

    • MSExchangeIS 5000 (0xc004038a): Cannot Mount Database Because of Incorrect Permissions or Deleted Routing Group

    • MSExchangeIS 9519 (0xfffff05b): Database or Logs Compressed on a Server Running Exchange Server 2000 SP3 or Higher

    • MSExchangeIS 9519 (0xfffffe07): Unable to Mount Database Due to Running Backup Process

    • MTA service is not running

    • Network Output Queue length beyond threshold

    • Possible SMTP proxy detected

    • RPC User Activity From Performance Counters

    • Server name too long

    • TarpitTime has been implemented

    • The Exchange Information Store service is not configured to run as LocalSystem

    • The World Wide Web Publishing Service is disabled or missing

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