About Operations Manager 2007

Operations Manager 2007 offers a service-oriented monitoring approach that enables you to monitor your end-to-end information technology services, scale monitoring across large environments and organizations, and use Microsoft application and operating system knowledge to resolve operational problems. Following are some of the rich capabilities that Operations Manager 2007 provides.

Manage the health of your information technology environment

Use built-in Management Packs to monitor Microsoft applications and custom applications

  • Out-of-the-box Management packs provide monitoring information for many Microsoft applications. In addition, you can create your own Management Packs to monitor your custom applications. For additional information about Management Packs, see Management Packs in Operations Manager 2007.
  • Most Microsoft Management Packs include information about how to resolve common problems with the application.

Use Client Monitoring to monitor operating systems and applications for errors

Client Monitoring enables you to forward error reports for operating systems and applications to Microsoft and receive solutions for those errors, as available. For additional information, see Client Monitoring in Operations Manager 2007.

Use Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Domain Services Integration leverages prior investments by allowing you to assign agent-managed computers to Management Groups. For additional information about Active Directory Domain Services, see Active Directory Domain Services Integration in Operations Manager 2007.

Secure your monitoring environment

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