Getting assistance

Published: December 16, 2009

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

Visit the Microsoft Forefront Client Security TechCenter Web site ( to obtain the most updated technical information, including troubleshooting steps, solutions to common issues, the ability to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base, how-to topics, and the latest downloads.

The TechCenter contains a catalog of technical content that has been reviewed and approved by the Client Security product team at Microsoft. Up-to-date versions of the documents are added as the old versions expire. This guarantees that you always have the latest technical information. The TechCenter documents are designed to evolve over time as new techniques, issues, and troubleshooting information become available.

The Microsoft Help and Support Web site ( contains an extensive collection of articles, troubleshooting wizards, files you can download, and other useful product information. The articles can help you understand more about the features that are included in Client Security and related products. The site also includes answers to FAQ and Microsoft Communities, which includes Microsoft Newsgroups.

You can visit the Client Security Web Forums ( or the Client Security Team Blog ( for additional product information, common issues, and troubleshooting assistance.

Using Client Security product documentation

The Client Security online product documentation is your primary source for in-depth technical information about Client Security. This documentation was written to give you information that you need to successfully plan, deploy, administer, and troubleshoot Client Security.

This documentation contains important conceptual information that enables you to correctly plan and successfully deploy Client Security in your organization. It also contains information that you need to perform day-to-day administrative tasks.

Where to find Client Security product documentation

You can find Client Security product documentation through:

  • F1 Help.

  • Help button in the Edit/New Policy dialog box, Scan Now dialog box, Active Directory dialog box, Setup wizard, and Configuration wizard.

  • Microsoft Forefront Client Security TechCenter Web site (

  • Client Security agent Help.