Net name

Adds or deletes a messaging name (that is, an alias), or displays the list of names for which the computer can accept messages. Used without parameters, net name displays a list of names currently in use.


net name [name {/add|/delete}]


name   : Specifies the name to receive messages. The name can have as many as 15 characters.

/add   : Adds a name to a computer.

/delete   : Removes a name from a computer.


  • Use net name to specify a name for receiving messages. You must start the Messenger service before you can use net name. Each messaging name must be unique on the network. Names created with net name are strictly for messaging, not for group names. Windows XP uses the three following name types:

    • Any name for messaging (added with net name)

    • Computer's machine name (added when the Workstation service starts)

    • User name (added when you log on, provided your user name is not in use as a message name elsewhere on the network)

  • add is optional. Net name name and net name name add have the same effect. You can use either one to add a name to the computer.

  • You cannot delete the computer's machine name. You can delete the user name.


To view the list of names at your computer, type:

net name

To add the name Rsvp to your computer, type:

net name rsvp

To remove the name Rsvp from your computer, type:

net name rsvp /delete

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