This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

What's New in IEAK 7

This version of Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) has been updated to help you customize, deploy, and maintain Internet Explorer 7 in your organization. This includes the addition of some features to support new features in Internet Explorer, as well as the removal of some features due to changed functionality in Internet Explorer. For more information about new features in Internet Explorer 7, see

New features in IEAK 7

The following are new features in this version of IEAK 7:

  • Ability to use the Internet Explorer 7 Customization Wizard or Profile Manager to customize:

    • Web feeds. You can add Web feeds to your customized browser.

    • Multiple home pages. You can add multiple home pages, which use the new tab-browsing feature in Internet Explorer.

    • Search providers. You can make multiple search providers available to your users.

    • Corporate installation options. You can specify whether the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is updated and run.

    • Anti-phishing. You can specify whether your users can manage the new anti-phishing filter in Internet Explorer.

  • Improved Internet Explorer 7 Customization Wizard pages and text designed to provide a better experience than in previous versions of IEAK.

  • Improved access to Auto Complete and Feeds discovery settings that are now available in the Additional Settings page in the Internet Explorer 7 Customization Wizard and IEAK Profile Manager.

  • A simplified Automatic Version Synchronization page in the Internet Explorer 7 Customization Wizard.

Additional changes in IEAK 7

Partly because of changes in Internet Explorer, you will not be able to perform the following tasks with IEAK 7 that you were able to perform with earlier versions of IEAK:

  • You cannot change the installation directory for Internet Explorer on your user computers.

  • You cannot customize and package Outlook Express and Windows Media Player.

  • You cannot customize the toolbar background bitmap for Internet Explorer.

  • You cannot create custom logos or animated bitmaps for Internet Explorer.

  • You cannot customize the title bar text and custom logo bitmaps for the Internet Explorer Setup Wizard.

  • You cannot install multiple components of Internet Explorer from the Automatic Version Synchronization page in the Internet Explorer 7 Customization Wizard. Internet Explorer is now installed as a single component.

  • You cannot use the Download media option. This option, as well as the Component Download Sites page, has been removed.

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