How to Install Exchange Server Stress and Performance


Topic Last Modified: 2007-07-16

The Exchange Server Stress and Performance (ESP) tool runs on the Windows® 2000 operating system, Windows® XP operating system, Windows Server® 2003, and Windows Vista®.

Download this tool from the Tools for Exchange Server 2007 Web site at

  1. In the Setup folder on the ESP download package, run ESP.MSI.

  2. In ESP Setup, under Destination Folder, note the default location to which ESP will be installed. To change the location, click Browse, and then move to the location that you want.

  3. To start the setup process, in ESP Setup, click Install.

  4. In ESP Service Account, type a password for the ESP service account that will be created during ESP Setup, and then click Continue.

  5. In ESP Setup, click OK to the message that states that ESP components have been installed on your computer.