Developer's Guide (Analysis Services)

Tabular Model Programming

Describes the CSDL extensions that define a tabular model in XML syntax. It also includes information about the tabular object model.

Data Mining Programming

Describes the approaches building solutions that include data mining objects.

Multidimensional Model Programming

Describes the development tasks and approaches for integrating multidimensional model objects in a custom solution.

Analysis Services Schema Rowsets

Describes the schema rowsets that provide information about server state, server operations, and database objects.

Analysis Services Scripting Language (ASSL) Reference

Describes the ASSL extensions to XMLA. ASSL provides a data definition and manipulation language for Analysis Services multidimensional models that supplements the XMLA specification.

XML for Analysis (XMLA) Reference

Describes XMLA concepts that can help you understand how XMLA contributes to your custom solution. It also describes the level of compliance with the XMLA 1.1 specification.