Technical Reference (Database Engine)

Find the tools, languages, and administration programming reference documentation for the Database Engine in Microsoft SQL Server 2008. 

Small File Folder Icon Errors and Events

     Database Engine Events and Errors

     Error Messages in Visual Database Tools

Small File Folder Icon Feature Reference

     Database Engine Tuning Advisor F1 Help

     Full-Text Search F1 Help

     SQL Server Browser Service

     SQL Server Management Studio F1 Help


Small File Folder Icon Tools Reference

     Command Prompt Utilities

     XML Input File Reference (Database Engine Tuning Advisor)

Small File Folder Icon SQL Server Event Class Reference

     SQL Server Event Class Reference

Small File Folder Icon Transact-SQL Language Reference

     Data Types (Transact-SQL)

     Functions (Transact-SQL)

     Operators (Transact-SQL)

     System Stored Procedures (Transact-SQL)

     System Views (Transact-SQL)


Small File Folder Icon Xquery Language Reference

     XQuery Basics

     XQuery Expressions

     XQuery Functions against the xml Data Type

     XQuery Operators Against the xml Data Type


Small File Folder Icon Exception Message Box Class Library


Small File Folder Icon SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) Class Library







Small File Folder Icon SQL Server Data Collector Class Library


Small File Folder Icon WMI Provider for Configuration Management Classes

     SqlService Class

     ClientSettings Class

     ClientNetworkProtocol Class

     ServerSettings Class

     ServerNetworkProtocol Class


Small File Folder Icon SQL-DMO Reference

     SQL-DMO Reference