Getting Assistance (Replication)

There are three principal sources of information from Microsoft about SQL Server:

  • The documentation, tutorials, and samples that are installed with SQL Server.

  • The SQL Server sites on Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet.

  • SQL Server information on other Microsoft Web sites.

You can also get help from others either in the SQL Server replication community at SQL Server Replication Discussion Forum or directly from Microsoft support.

How Do I Browse by Job Role (Replication)

Contains links to topic considered most useful for each SQL Server replication user role: architect, administrator, and developer.

How Do I Find How-to Topics (Replication)

Contains links to all the procedural topics for replication.

How Do I Find Tutorials (Replication)

Contains links to all the replication tutorial topics.

How Do I Find Walkthrough Topics (Replication)

Contains links to replication walkthrough topics.