How to Enable RPC over HTTP


Topic Last Modified: 2008-02-04

This optional procedure explains how to enable RPC over HTTP.

  1. Open the LoadGenConfig.xml file by using Notepad or a similar editor.

  2. In the LoadGenConfig.xml file (or whatever you named the file), locate the <LogonActionCount> tag.

  3. Add the following to the configuration file for controlling RPC over HTTP.



          <Item Name="RpcHttpEnabled" Type="Boolean">true</Item>

          <Item Name="RpcHttpSslEnabled" Type="Boolean">true</Item>

          <Item Name="RpcHttpAuthenticationType" Type="String">NTLM</Item>

          <Item Name="RpcHttpProxyServer" Type="String">yourservername</Item>




RpcHttpAuthenticationType can be either NTLM or Basic. If RpcHttpProxyServer is not set, a Client Access server will be randomly selected from the list of Client Access servers that are defined with the <ClientAccessServers/> tag. The format of the definition is as follows:
If you want Exchange Load Generator to automatically load-balance RPC over HTTPs between the Client Access servers that are specified in the configuration file, delete the following line in the file: <Item Name="RpcHttpProxyServer" Type="string">yourservername</Item>