Initial Installation (Database Engine)

Planning a SQL Server installation requires the following steps:

  • Review installation requirements, installation options, system configuration checks, and security considerations.

  • Run SQL Server Setup to install, upgrade, or migrate to SQL Server.

  • Use SQL Server utilities to configure SQL Server.

Regardless of whether you use the SQL Server 2008Installation Wizard or the command prompt to install SQL Server, the following topics document the SQL Server planning process.

Planning a SQL Server Installation

Explains how to prepare your computer for SQL Server:

  • Review hardware and software requirements.

  • Review System Configuration Checker requirements and blocking issues.

  • Review security considerations for a SQL Server installation.

Installing SQL Server 2008

Describes the installation options for SQL Server.

Configuring SQL Server 2008

After Setup completes the installation of SQL Server, you can configure SQL Server using graphical and command prompt utilities.

Quick-Start Installation of SQL Server 2008

Provides a step-by-step procedural guide for a default SQL Server installation.

Considerations for Upgrading the Database Engine

This section describes the steps to prepare for upgrading SQL Server.