Identity and Access Control (Database Engine)

SQL Server includes various methods and tools to configure security for users, services and other accounts to access the system. This page provides links to help you locate the information that you must have to work with Principals (users and login accounts), Roles (groups of Principals), securable objects (Securables) and permissions.

Securing SQL Server

Provides a general overview of the process for how to help secure the SQL Server platform, and working with users and securable objects.

Principals (Database Engine)

Describes the entities that can request SQL Server resources.

Server-Level Roles

Describes the roles in SQL Server with server-level scope.

Database-Level Roles

Describes the roles in SQL Server with database-level scope.

Credentials (Database Engine)

Explains the records that contain the authentication information (credentials) required to connect to a resource outside SQL Server.


Describes the SQL Server objects that can be secured.

Permissions (Database Engine)

Provides information about the permissions that can be assigned to principals on securables.