Tools Reference (Database Engine)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 includes a complete set of tools and command prompt utilities that allow users, programmers, and administrators to:

  • Administer and configure SQL Server.

  • Determine the catalog information in a copy of SQL Server.

  • Design and test queries for retrieving data.

  • Copy, import, export, and transform data.

  • Provide diagnostic information.

  • Start and stop SQL Server.

This section provides specific topics that describe the functionality of these tools.


SQL Server 2008 Express includes the SQLCMD utility for the execution of Transact-SQL statement, and a limited version of the SQL Server Management Studio. Tools connect to SQL Server 2008 Express as a named instance.

Command Prompt Utilities

Describes the command prompt utilities that ship with Microsoft SQL Server.

XML Input File Reference (Database Engine Tuning Advisor)

Describes many of the elements that can be specified in a Database Engine Tuning Advisor XML input file.