Security Overview (Database Engine)

SQL Server includes a variety of precise, configurable security features. These features empower administrators to implement defense-in-depth that is optimized for the specific security risks of their environment. This topic provides links to help you locate the security information that you need in the SQL Server Database Engine.

Securing SQL Server

Provides an overview of the process to help secure the SQL Server platform and how to work with users and securable objects.

SQL Server 2008 R2 Security Changes

Details the security changes between SQL Server 2008 and earlier versions.

Principals (Database Engine)

Explains the Principals (users, roles, and other actors) that can be granted access to SQL Server objects.

Server-Level Roles

Explains the roles in SQL Server that have server-wide scope.

Database-Level Roles

Explains the roles in SQL Server that have database-wide scope.

Setting Server Configuration Options

Details the tools and processes that can help secure SQL Server and its databases.