Getting Assistance (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

There are three principal sources of information from Microsoft about Analysis Services:

  • The documentation, tutorials, and samples installed with SQL Server.

  • The SQL Server Data Mining sites on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet.

  • Analysis Services information on other Microsoft Web sites.

You can also receive help from others either through the Analysis Services community or directly from Microsoft support.

How Do I Browse by Job Role (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Contains links to the topics considered most useful for each role of users of SQL Server 2008 Database Engine: analyst, architect, and developer.

How Do I Find Tutorials (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Contains links to tutorials that demonstrate how to create Analysis Services databases, work with data mining on relational and multidimensional data, and perform predictions.

How Do I Find Samples and Walkthroughs (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Contains links to business scenarios that include data mining, architectural considerations, and walkthroughs that demonstrate the use of data mining in integrated scenarios with Integration Services and Reporting Services.

How Do I Find How-to Topics (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Contains links to topics that provide quick procedures for creating, processing, and predicting from data mining structures and models.