sys.table_types (Transact-SQL)


Updated: June 10, 2016

THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server (starting with 2008)yesAzure SQL DatabasenoAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Displays properties of user-defined table types in SQL Server. A table type is a type from which table variables or table-valued parameters could be declared. Each table type has a type_table_object_id that is a foreign key into the sys.objects catalog view. You can use this ID column to query various catalog views, in a way that is similar to an object_id column of a regular table, to discover the structure of the table type such as its columns and constraints.

Column nameData typeDescription
<inherited columns>For a list of columns that this view inherits, see sys.types (Transact-SQL).
type_table_object_idintObject identification number. This number is unique within a database.
is_memory_optimizedbitApplies to: SQL Server 2014 through SQL Server 2016.

The following are the possible values:

0 = is not memory optimized

1 = is memory optimized

A value of 0 is the default value.

Table types are always created with DURABILITY = SCHEMA_ONLY. Only the schema is persisted on disk.

The visibility of the metadata in catalog views is limited to securables that a user either owns or on which the user has been granted some permission. For more information, see Metadata Visibility Configuration.

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