Performance (Database Engine)

This section contains information about managing the performance of the SQL Server 2008 Database Engine.

Monitoring and Tuning for Performance

Contains information about the tools and methods that let you view the current condition of the database and track performance as conditions change.

Performance Monitoring and Tuning How-to Topics

Contains step-by-step procedures for a variety of tools and techniques that can be used to monitor Microsoft SQL Server.

Query Performance

Contains information about how you can view and manipulate Database Engine query plans to improve query performance.

Managing SQL Server Workloads with Resource Governor

Contains information about Resource Governor, a tool you can use to manage SQL Server workload and system resource consumption.

Database Engine Tuning Advisor Overview

Contains information about SQL Server Database Engine Tuning Advisor, a tool that helps you select and create an optimal set of indexes, indexed views, and partitions without requiring an expert understanding of the structure of the database or the internals of SQL Server.