How Do I Find Tutorials (Reporting Services)

SQL Server Reporting Services includes the following tutorials, which you can use to develop your skills one step at a time.

Reporting Services Tools

Provides an introduction to the Reporting Services Configuration tool, Report Manager, Report Builder, Report Designer, and Model Designer by showing you how to locate and open each tool.

Tutorials (SSRS)

These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for creating simple tabular, matrix, and chart reports. Learn how to group, sort, and format data, and how to use parameters to customize your report results.

Tutorials (Report Builder 3.0) in Report Builder 3.0 Help on

Learn how to use a wizard to create a basic table report, and how to add column, bar, pie, and KPI charts to your report. You can also try using a wizard to create a chart report, even if you don't have a database to connect to.

Designing Report Models: Tutorials

Learn how to create a report model, refine the model, and apply security filters. You can also create custom clickthrough reports.

Administrative Tasks
Creating a Data-Driven Subscription

Shows you how to create a data-driven subscription, which is a specialized form of report delivery that uses a query to get subscription data and preferences.

Setting Permissions in Reporting Services

Shows you how to create roles assignments that control access to report server content.

Accessing the Report Server Web Service Using Visual Basic or Visual C#

Shows you how to access the Report Server Web service to retrieve item properties

Generating RDL Using the .NET Framework

Uses the XmlTextWriter class and sample data to create a report definition programmatically.

Updating Reports Using Classes Generated from the RDL Schema

Uses the xsd tool to generate C# or Visual Basic classes from the RDL schema that let you update report definitions programmatically.