Development (Integration Services)

Find information that anyone—designer, developer, analyst, or administrator—requires to create and develop Integration Services packages. Then, learn how to incorporate those packages into your applications and Web sites.

Small File Folder Icon Designing and Implementing

     Creating an Integration Services Project

     Using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard to Move Data

     Designing Packages in Business Intelligence Development Studio

     Working with Data in Data Flows

     Adding Advanced Features to Packages


Small File Folder Icon Working with Packages

     Improving the Performance of the Data Flow

     Profiling Data with the Data Profiling Task and Viewer

     Improving Incremental Loads with Change Data Capture

     Using MERGE in Integration Services Packages

     Working with Other SQL Server Features

Small File Folder Icon Developer's Guide

     Integration Services Programming Overview

     Extending Packages with Scripting

     Extending Packages with Custom Objects

     Building Packages Programmatically


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