Secure Deployment (Database Engine)

To secure SQL Server, you must create a secure environment for code and data. This page provides links to help you locate the information that you must have in order to secure your SQL Server deployments.

Securing SQL Server

Provides a general overview of the process for how to help secure the SQL Server platform, and working with users and securable objects.

Choosing an Authentication Mode

Describes the two authentication modes and offers advice on selecting the appropriate authentication mode for your environment.

Understanding Surface Area Configuration

Explains the tools that you can use to enable and disable features, such as stored procedures, Windows services, Web services, and remote client connectivity.

Security Standards Compliance

Contain topics discussing various security standards and how you can implement these features in SQL Server.

TRUSTWORTHY Database Property

Describes the TRUSTWORTHY database property and explains how to enable or disable it. The property is used to indicate whether the instance of SQL Server trusts the database and the contents in it.

Community Additions