Monitoring (Integration Services)

SQL Server Integration Services includes features for monitoring packages and their performance.

  • Integration Services includes logging features for capturing run-time information about a package and the package objects. For example, Integration Services can log the time that a package starts and stops running.

  • Integration Services also includes a set of performance counters for monitoring the performance of the data flow engine. For example, Integration Services can monitor the number of rows that a source produces. For more information, see Monitoring the Performance of the Data Flow Engine.

Logging Package Execution

Describes the Integration Services logging features.

Understanding Events Logged by the Integration Services Service

Describes the common event messages that the Integration Services service logs to the Application event log.

Understanding Events Logged by an Integration Services Package

Describes the common event messages that an Integration Services package logs to the Application event log.

Monitoring How-to Topics (Integration Services)

Lists the available how-to topics on logging the activity of Integration Services packages.

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