Development (Reporting Services)

Find information that anyone—designer, developer, analyst, or administrator—requires to create and develop Reporting Services solutions. Then, learn how to incorporate those Reporting Services solutions into your applications and Web sites.

Small File Folder Icon Designing and Implementing Reports

     Report Design Basics

     Designing and Implementing Reports Using Report Designer (Reporting Services)

     Designing and Implementing Reports Using Report Builder 2.0



Small File Folder Icon Querying and Defining Report Data

     Connecting to a Data Source (Reporting Services)

     Creating a Report Dataset

     Graphical Query Designer User Interface

     Working with Models

     Working with Report Data

Small File Folder Icon Publishing Reports, Models, and Data Sources

     Publishing Reports to a Report Server

     Publishing a Report Model

     Deploying Models and Shared Data Sources to a SharePoint Site


Small File Folder Icon Viewing, Exporting, Delivering Reports

     Viewing and Saving Reports

     Exporting Reports

     Comparing Interactive Functionality for Different Report Rendering Extensions

     Exporting to Microsoft Excel

Small File Folder Icon Developer's Guide

     Integrating Reporting Services into Applications

     Reporting Services Extensions

     Technical Reference

     Custom Report Items


Small File Folder Icon Samples

     Reporting Services Samples

Small File Folder Icon Scripting

     Scripting Deployment and Administrative Tasks

     Scripting with the rs Utility and the Web Service


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