New Installation (Reporting Services)

Reporting Services is a collection of server and client applications used for business reporting. You can install server components on a single computer or on multiple computers. You can install the client components alongside server components or on separate workstations.

To install server components, the computer must satisfy the hardware and software requirements. If the computer is not configured as an application server or if the operating system does not support HTTP.SYS, Reporting Services will not be available in the Components to Install page in the Installation Wizard.

Reporting Services is installed through the SQL Server installation media. You can install Reporting Services separately from the Database Engine, Analysis Services, and other SQL Server component technologies.

Considerations for Installing Reporting Services

Provides an overview of how to install Reporting Services.

Configuring a Report Server Installation

Provides instructions for enabling features and configuring options.

Configuration Files (Reporting Services)

Describes the configuration files that contain application settings for the Reporting Services client and server applications.

Reporting Services Configuration How-to Topics

Explains how to configure server applications and deployment scenarios.

Server Deployment Checklist

Describes the sequence of tasks you must perform before a report server is available for use.

Report Deployment Checklist

Describes the sequence of tasks you must perform to make reports and other items available on a report server.

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