Administration (Reporting Services)

Administering a Reporting Services installation requires that you know how to perform routine maintenance tasks for server components, and how to manage the content and ongoing operations of the report server. For an overview of how the components work together, see Reporting Services Components and Tools.

Managing Report Server Components

Provides information about how to manage the Report Server Web service, background processing, the report server database, and how perform routine tasks such as renaming the report server computer.

Managing Report Server Content

Provides information about managing reports, report models, report history, My Reports, resources, and folders.

Configuring and Managing Encryption Keys

Provides information about managing the symmetric key used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data stored in the report server database.

Subscription and Delivery (Reporting Services)

Describes subscription and delivery processes used to distribute reports.

Scheduling Reports and Subscriptions

Provides information about creating and managing schedules, which are used to automate report and subscription processing.

Administering Report Builder 2.0

Provides information for the administrator whose job it is to enable and support report authors who are creating, updating, or viewing reports by using Report Builder 2.0.

Administration: How-to Topics (Reporting Services)

This section provides step-by-step instructions for managing report server content in Report Manager, Management Studio, and from a SharePoint Web application if the report server runs in SharePoint integrated mode.

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