Getting Assistance (Service Broker)

This section provides information about getting assistance when using Service Broker.

How Do I Browse By Job Role (Service Broker)

Service Broker has documentation for information workers, analysts, administrators, and developers. Use the topics in this section as a quick start into the documentation for your job role.

How Do I Find How-to Topics (Service Broker)

In SQL Server Books Online, procedural topics are located near the related conceptual content, such as installation, administration, or security. Use this topic to locate Service Broker procedural topics.

Getting Started (Service Broker)

Find sources of Service Broker information, overviews, system requirements, installation instructions, and more.

Planning and Architecture (Service Broker)

Use these topics to better understand Service Broker and to plan how to implement Service Broker in your messaging solutions.

Development (Service Broker)

Find information to help you create and develop Service Broker solutions.

Deployment (Service Broker)

Plan for the deployment of your Service Broker solutions.

Operations (Service Broker)

Learn about the administration and operations tasks associated with Service Broker solutions.

Security and Protection (Service Broker)

Help protect your Service Broker solutions from malicious attacks and improve the security of your data.

Troubleshooting (Service Broker)

Learn the techniques you can use to troubleshooting your Service Broker solutions.

Technical Reference (Service Broker)

Find information about Service Broker errors, features, tools, and languages.

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