fn_syscollector_get_execution_details (Transact-SQL)


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Returns a portion of the SSIS log (sysssislog) matching the package_execution_id for the given package. The table contains one row for each logging entry that is generated at run time by packages or their tasks and containers.

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fn_syscollector_get_execution_details ( log_id )  

The local unique identifier for the execution log. log_id is int.

Column nameData typeDescription
idintThe unique identifier of the logging entry.
eventsysnameThe name of the event that generated the logging entry.
computernvarcharThe computer on which the package ran when the logging entry was generated.
operatornvarcharThe user name of the person or agent that ran the package that generated the logging entry.
sourcenvarcharThe name of the executable that generated the logging entry.
sourceiduniqueidentifierThe GUID of the executable that generated the logging entry.
executioniduniqueidentifierThe GUID of the execution instance of the executable that generated the logging entry.
starttimedatetimeThe time that the package began to run.
endtimedatetimeThe time that the package completed.
datacodeintAn integer value that identifies the event associated with the log entry. "0" indicates that the event provided no identifier.
databytesimageA byte array that identifies a return value.
messagenvarcharA description of the event and the information associated with the event.

Requires SELECT permission for dc_operator.

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