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sys.server_event_session_targets (Transact-SQL)


Returns a row for each event target for an event session.

Applies to: SQL Server (SQL Server 2008 through current version).
Column nameData typeDescription
event_session_idintThe ID of the event session. Is not nullable.
target_idintThe ID of the target. ID is unique within the event session object. Is not nullable.
namesysnameThe name of the event target. Is not nullable.
packagesysnameThe name of the event package that contains the event target. Is not nullable.
modulesysnameThe name of the module that contains the event target. Is not nullable.

Requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission on the server.

This view has the following relationship cardinalities.

sys.server_event_session_targets.event_session_idsys.server_event_sessions.event_session_idMany to one

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