RemoveURL Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Removes a URL reserved for the report server. If there are multiple URLs that need to be removed, this must be done one by one calling this API.

public void RemoveURL(string Application, string UrlString, int Lcid,   
    out string Error, out int HRESULT);  

The name of application for which to remove the reservation.

The URL for the reservation.

The locale to use for the error messages returned.

[out] The description of the error that occurred.

[out] Value indicating whether the call succeeded or failed.

Returns an HRESULT indicating success or failure of the method call. A value of 0 indicates that the method call was successful; an error code indicates the call was not successful.

UrlString does not include the Virtual Directory name – the SetVirtualDirectory Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting) method is provided for that purpose.

Before calling the ReserveURL method, you must supply a value for the VirtualDirectory configuration property for the Application parameter. Use the SetVirtualDirectory Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting) method to set the VirtualDirectory property.

If an SSL Certificate was provisioned by Reporting Services and no other URLs need it, it is removed.

This method causes all non-configuration app domains to hard recycle and stop during this operation; app domains are restarted after this operation complete.

Namespace: root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportServer\<InstanceName>\v13\Admin**

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