How to Install Jetstress


Topic Last Modified: 2007-02-14

You start the Jetstress process by downloading the Jetstress package (Jetstress.msi) from Tools for Exchange Server 2007.

We recommend that you download the latest revision before you run any storage tests. Keep track of the date when you downloaded the last version and verify that you have the version that is most recent.

Both the Jetstress applications, JetstressWin.exe and JetstressCmd.exe, use the common Jetstress core library. Therefore, you will have comparable test results with the same XML configuration file.

Make sure that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on the server where you will be running Jetstress. Otherwise, the application will not run. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run both JetstressWin.exe and JetstressCmd.exe.

  1. Start the Jetstress installer by double-clicking the Jetstress.msi file. Follow the prompts to install the tool on your computer.

  2. Copy the following ESE database modules to the directory where you installed Jetstress.

    • ESE.DLL




    Jetstress testing should be performed before you install Exchange on the server. If you have already installed Exchange Server, you should still copy the ESE database modules to the Jetstress installation directory. If you are testing with a different version of Exchange Database Engine than the one installed with Exchange Server, you may have to uninstall the existing Exchange Database Engine counters before you run Jetstress. You can do this by running unlodctr ESE at a command prompt. However, you will still have to uninstall and reinstall the Exchange version of the Exchange Database Engine counters when testing is completed. See Troubleshooting Jetstress for more information.