Running a Jetstress Test with JetstressWin.exe


Topic Last Modified: 2007-02-14

We recommend that you use JetstressWin.exe to create and configure a new test scenario, and then use JetstressCmd.exe to open and run the test scenario.

To run the user interface version of Jetstress, type JetstressWin.exe at the command prompt.

Running a Jetstress test includes the following phases:

  • configure and review a test scenario

  • prepare test databases

  • run the load simulation

The user interface application guides you through creating a new test XML configuration file, or opening and changing an existing configuration file. See Configuring with the User Interface for more information about the settings.

As you go through the configuration pages, each page accepts and validates user inputs, and provides immediate feedback about configuration errors on each page change.

The topic Configuring with the User Interface discusses each page and the options available within the page. The information covers two categories of test scenarios and three test types.